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Choose The Best Plan For Your Business

  • Take Off Package

    Every month
    Build trust in your business with a basic online presence!
    • Create and Maintain Website
    • Includes our Mediocre Social Media Package
    • Seasonal Email Campaigns (i.e. events, Holidays, sales)
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • 1 Photoshoot of Product or Service
  • Best Value

    Gliding Package

    Every month
    Help your business expand and grow in popularity!
    • Basic Lead Generation
    • 1 Blog a Month
    • Includes our Advanced Social Media Package
    • Bi-weekly Email Campaigns
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Create and Update Website
  • Soaring Package

    Every month
    Increase sales in no time with a strong online presence!
    • Advanced Lead Generation
    • SEO
    • 2 Blogs a month
    • High-end Video content every 2-3 months
    • Includes our Influencer Social Media Package
    • Weekly Email Campaigns
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Build and Maintain Website

Build The Perfect Custom Plan

Select multiple deliverables or add on your own unique request to build your very own custom package!

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