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Our Hatching Story

As every successful person does, we started humbly. With little to no experience, we started at the bottom with internships, apprenticeships, and various jobs. After much hard work, all our knowledge and skills came together to create The Dove Agency. 

This Is How We Started And Where We Are Going


We started building our experience and skills


Had a once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship.


Publicly launched our business


Will have a highly successful business!

I began my marketing journey at a company called Vera Mona, I had the privilege to create social media content and learn the ins and outs of social media marketing. From there, I went to UC San Diego to build my knowledge of the marketing industry, learning the processes and science behind what makes the best marketing tactics. While at UC San Diego, I had the chance to further my experiences and knowledge in the entertainment, medical, theme park, and automotive fields. 

Working with everything from face-to-face sales, B2B sales, website development, paid ads, SEO, blogs, email campaigns, and more I have gathered the skills to make any business thrive! From my experience working for several different industries and apprenticing at Disneyland Theme Parks, I can make any sized business look and feel like a Fortune 500 company. Are you ready to empower your business?

The Dove Agency is a small company, ready to support and grow any business using our knowledge base and skill set. However, not everyone is born with experience it takes hard work, as you saw from our CEO's background, knowledge and expertise comes from opportunities

We remember our humble beginnings and how few opportunities were available for those looking to gain experience in the Marketing industry. That is why The Dove Agency wants to help many people gain knowledge and experience in the Marketing industry. If you choose The Dove Agency you will be helping to provide the experience which will shape the next CMO's of Target, Facebook, or even Amazon!

Like To Be A Part Of Our Success?

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